Can drinking a lot of water get rid of a bladder infection or prostatitis?‏

I have suffered from a bladder infection and prostatitis for one month , I have drunk a lot of water and cranberry juice , that is not working at all. For my prostatitis , I have used the Cipro , I have the urgent and frequent peeing still . Can drinking a lot of water is helpful for curing my bladder infection and prostatitis ? What is your suggestion ?

1 answers - 2011-09-06

Cranberries have some effects on urinary tract infection. But the effect of food is limited, so only with other food or medicine can it work well. Cipro is broad-spectrum antibiotic, with side effects. And it doesn't work on patients with drug resistance. Patients with cystitis, combined with frequent and urgent urination, can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pills. The natural materials will not cause drug resistance and side effects. Drinking a lot of water can prevent cystitis and prostatitis, but it has little effects on treating them.                                    
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