many years ago I was told that I had NGU/NSU. I was mistreated with only 1 week of antibiotics followed by another antibiotic for just a week. My problems only got worse, I went to many doctors who kept telling me that they could find nothing wrong with me. Finally I found a doctor who treated me for prostatitis and gave me a six weeks course, unfortunatly I did not finish the course thinking that the infection had gone. It came back and the antibiotics would no longer work. Since then nothing works, I have pain,discharge every time I pee and the doctors do not know how to treat me. Your pills are very expensive and I am worried that your pills are dangerous as I have know idea what they will do to me, also I am doubtful that they will work. How do I know that I will not be throwing my money away.

1 answers - 2010-11-22

It is normal that antibiotics don't work on you after you taking them for a long time. There exist a drug resistance. However, my pills are made from herbal medicines, and it's a kind of traditional Chinese medicine.Taditional Chinese medicine have got through thousands of years, there have never been a drug resistance, side effects and allergy to herbal medicines. They come from the nature and are as safe as food. Since you know that you have prostatitis, I can surely tell you that this medicine can cure you. I develop this medicine after years of study and research. In recent years I have already cured many patients who suffer from prostatitis and other urological diseases. 
There are almost 50 kinds of elements in the medicine and each of the medicine has its unique function in releasing and eliminating symptoms. Some of them can clear away heat and toxic material and some of them can help promote Qi and stop pain. Your symptoms would release after one months and you would be radically cured after taking the pills for three months.                                    
Released in 2010-11-22