I used to have an acute seminal vesiculitis which turns to be chronic‏

I had such an ailment in May 2011 and had been treated in local clinic for 10 days. Symptoms disappeared after that, but that didn't last long. Two weeks after that the pain recurred, no feeling cold like before. I think that the seminal vesiculitis turns to be chronic. I experience such pains till today. Please advice me if I can get a permanent treamtent. How do I get the treatment?

1 answers - 2011-10-09

As the main symptom of seminal vesiculitis is blood in the semen, pain in low abdomen, and urinate problems, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure it effectively.In the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, the cause of seminal vesiculitis is that the heat and blood obstruction in the seminal vesicle. The spleen is sort of weak, and the Qi's circulation is bad.Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, so the hyperaemia in the seminal vesicle can be cleared away. It can also clear away heat and toxic material, promote Qi and stop pain. All the function of the pills are aming at curing the disease.By taking the pills for three months, you can get cured.
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Released in 2011-10-11