What symptms can chlamydia prostatitis cause?‏

Will this condition cause ED as well? How to cure it?

1 answers - 2011-10-26

Thanks for your question. The symptoms of Chlamydia prostatitis include penile prickling, perineal and rectal distention. Some patients with Chlamydia prostatitis are complicated with recurrent urethritis and epididymitis. Since the ejaculatory duct enters the prostate from the upper part and opens in the prostate, and has a negative impact on sexual function, and it can cause ED. I suggest you to take natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a cure. It eliminate inflammation, wipe out bacteria, clear heat, remove toxins and promote blood circulation etc. Your pain will go away and urination frequency will resume to normal after the treatment. Besides, it repairs the damaged tissues and restore the reproductive system, so your sexuality will return to normal. In the meantime, it improves your immunity and self-healing ability, and builds up a defense to prevent the disease from reocurring again. Best Regards                                    
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