How common is chronic prostatitis among men in their 30′s?‏

I already went to the urologist. He told me I have chronic prostatitis even though I have no signs of infection nor inflammation. So why does it hurt?

1 answers - 2011-12-02

Chronic Nonbacterial Prostatitis is also known as chronic prostatitis, which is a health condition that inflammation of prostate without bacterial infection. It is also called chronic pelvic pain syndrome. It presents symptoms of prostatitis with negative result after urine culture and other test. It do not have any evidence of a bacterial infection, but men have the symptoms of prostate infection. The goal in nonbacterial prostatitis treatment is to control the symptoms. Treatment with antibiotics and drugs that relax the muscles of the prostate gland is often tried and commonly fails. In the system of TCM, the causes are obstruction of heat and dampness, obstruction of blood and Qi, which caused pain.Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a great product for chronic nonbacterial prostatitis.                                    
Released in 2011-12-05