My prostatitis recurs‏

I have been taking medications for this condition, but my prostatitis just recurs. Pain and urinary problems comes and goes. I don't know if I have to live with this. Please advice.

1 answers - 2012-04-03

Preventing prostatitis from coming back is problematic. In many men, prostatitis may recur over years. If you're bothered by recurring chronic prostatitis, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatorty Pill is your best choice.The herbal medicine can cure the disease permanently.It is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine made from almost 50 kinds of elements and each of them have their unique function in curing genital system and urinary system disesases. Some of them can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, some can promote Qi and stop pain, some can kill bacteria, virus, mycoplasma and chlamydia, and some can clear away heat and dampness. They all aiming at eliminating your symptoms to cure it.                                    
Released in 2012-04-03