Can prostatitis affect fertility?‏

I have been suffering from chronic prostatitis since 2 years which started from a chlamydia infection. I was cleared from the infection but the prostatitis always bothers me. And I found that since that time my wife cannot get pregnant and she's totally good.

1 answers - 2012-04-05

Yes. Bacterial prostatitis affects the semen quality.
- When bacteria breed in the tractus genitalis, they produce harmful element and affect the subsistence of sperm.
- The breed of bacteria consume a large amount of nutrient component that support the existence of sperm. They spoil the environment of the sperm existence and lead to the death of sperm.
- Bacteria discharge many acidity element which reduce the PH level in the tractus genitalis while they are breeding. Thus acidosis occurs on sperm.
- The breed of bacteria also need oxygen which is necessary for sperm .
So it is the pathogen which caused a sperm problem. Once the pathogen are completely eliminated in the treatment, the sperm are going to be back to normal.                                    
Released in 2012-04-05