Does prostatitis symptoms change over time?‏

January last year 2011, I was dehydrated, had sex with a woman. I experienced also weak urine flow and concentrated urine. On Sept.2011, I went to doctor, the did urine test, CT Scan, Blood Test, Ultrasound, it was OK. They gave me 5 days Cipro and Hytrin. I took 1 Cipro that night and 1 hytrin. That night I went to pee and I got dizzy from the hytrin I fell in the bathroom and broke my rib and hurt my spine. On Jan 2012, I experience a little burning urination, Dr.did urine test and culture, it was negative for infection. March 2012 there was also pain in urinaton. Dr. did urine test and blood test, again it is negative for infection. April 2012 there is ED also, then dr. thinks it's diabetes but blood test is negative for diabetes. May 2012 - there is also too much pain in penis when I sit. More volume of urine when resting in bed, less urine when standeing/sitting. Sept 2012 - Urologist said it's now CHRONIC prostatitis but did only a DRE and no prostate fluid culture. I went to Arizona to have prostate culture, Dr. said it is Chronic Bacterial, but now there is less pain.

1 answers - 2012-11-24

I suggest you take the herbal medicine "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" for 3 months to get a complete cure. This herbal medication works to eliminate inflammation, kill bacteria, clear heat, eliminate toxins and promote blood circulation etc. All symptoms will be gone after the medication.                                    
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