Is it Prostatitis or Nerve Irritation?‏

I have weak urine after unprotected sex. I also had an accident and hurt my back really bad. after a few months, I have prostatitis symptoms of burning urination, pain in penis, pain when sitting, pain when ejaculation with thick clumpy sperm, some ED. There is also much pain when sitting in chair, concentrated urine during daytime as soon as I lie down, there is more urine volume and more frequent urination that is lighter in color. The right leg also developed some pain. Is my urination problems a symptom of prostatitis or is it nerve irritation from my accident, or both? Maybe the leg pain is from the accident and the urination problem is a separate thing that is prostatitis?

1 answers - 2012-11-24

Burning sensation indicates that you get inflammation, and pain indicates the obstruction of Qi and blood circulation. According to your symptoms, I recommend you take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for 3 months to get rid of the prostatitis.Your pain will be reduced in the first month, and all symptoms will go away after the treatment.                                    
Released in 2012-12-01