The prostatitis symptoms come and go, what can I do‏

I was diagnosed with non bacterial prostatitis for years. But the symptoms come and go, what can I do??

1 answers - 2012-12-29

Your prostatitis is not cured completely, so the symptoms come and go. Only when you cure it, you will not suffer from it.
Nonbacterial prostatitis is difficult to cure, for it is not caused by bacteria. But antibiotics are often used to clear it. So the result is not good, for antibiotics don’t have any effects on it.
Herbal medicine have good effects on it. Our herbal pills have many rare herbs, which can improve blood circulation, dissolve blood stasis and improve humans’ immunity. Therefore, the pills can cure nonbacterial prostatitis, even it’s caused by injury to your prostate or other reasons.                                    
Released in 2013-12-22