Why is there a diet resistance of your pills?‏

Why is there a diet resistance of your pills? It seems not so easy.

1 answers - 2010-12-02

In the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, all the food people eat are of different character especially different in Yin and Yang,of heat and of cold. If you eat too much food of heat, your body would be with too much heat and there would be some symptoms such as constipation and gum inflammaton. So some of the food and medicine should better not to be eaten at the same time. 
Meanwhile, for some diseases, some food are bad for them. Such as, if you drink alcohol and you have prostatitis, your symptoms would be more severe. The diet resistance from our website is not that those food do harm to the treatment with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, but they cause symotpms severe. So no matter which kind of treament you are taking, that diet resistance would help you to get rid of your disease.                                    
Released in 2010-12-02