how can i take treatment in India of non-viral prostatitis disease ?‏

hi sir My name is sunny shivhare (Male) i feel pain my lower abdomen and penis. blooding my penis it is happening from last 2 year and i did check up in CHL APPOLO hospital in delhi after showing all reports Doctor,s told you are victim of non viral prostatitis. than after i am taking treatment in Gwalior since 6 month but still my problem is same so plz suggest me what should i do.
second i would like to know that what is the last stage of this disease and now i am unmarried, can this disease effect my marriage life. can i born baby to my wife.

1 answers - 2013-03-26

Non-viral prostatitis is also called nonbacterial prostatitis. Antibiotics don't work on it, so herbal medicine is always the best choice. If prostatitis left untreated, it may caused other diseases such as epididymitis,orchitis,and even infertility. You can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get treated. Generally Your pain will be reduced in the first month, and all symptoms will go away after the complete 3 months of treatment. Chronic prostatitis can be  cured completely. If you got any other questions, you can also contact us by E-mail. herbalistlee@yahoo.com                                    
Released in 2013-04-07