how long the pill have to be used to cure me completely?‏

I want to have a full recovery so I decide to use your medicine. May I knwo how long the pill have t be used to cure me? I have prostatitis for 3 years. thank you.

1 answers - 2013-04-15

Prostatitis is difficult to be cured, let alone chronic prostatitis. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills target problems of male reproductive system, so they can cure prostatitis effectively. Thousands of prostatitis patients have been cured. 
Since the effect of TCM is mild, the treatment will be relatively gradual. Your condition will be improved since the day you take it, but in clinical cases, improvements will be seen after taking the medicine for a month. 3-month medication generally can clear the symptoms. If you want to consolidate the effect, you can take another month's medication. Before ordering on the internet, plz contact us for some medical advice.                                    
Released in 2014-01-16