I have urinary frequency and urgency‏

I have urinary frequency and urgency, is it a sign of prostatitis?

1 answers - 2013-04-15

Urinary frequency and urgency are among the symptoms of prostatitis. Besides these, the symptoms include difficulty urinating, pain or burning during urination, chills and fever.
Other symptoms may include pain that comes and goes low in the abdomen, around the anus, in the groin, or in the back. In some cases, bacteria can get into the vas deferens, causing groin pain or an infection of the epididymis.
The prostate may swell, causing a less forceful urine stream. Sometimes blood in the urine and painful ejaculation are other symptoms of prostatitis.
Men may also complain of pelvic pain, pain during ejaculation, and pain with sexual intercourse.
If you also have these symptoms, you should have yourself treated timely.                                    
Released in 2013-12-17