is this prostatitis or something more?‏

my hubby has been having a recurrent burning type sensation in his penis, he has been on two rounds of medication, one was a one day and the other a ten day (after his dr told him it could be an sti, (this is impossible due to neither of us having one, i was tested recently due to pregnancy)) well he said that during the 10 day he felt no pain nothing he was back to normal, and now on his last day of the meds it back again! were not sure what it is or whats the cause and need to know if prostatitis is whats going on here, if so can it really be helped through natural remedies?

1 answers - 2013-04-18

First, you husband should have a urine test to see if it's urinary infection. If it's not, he should also have and examination of expressed prostatic secretions, namely prostate fluid test to confirm it prostatitis or not.
Antibiotics are often used to cure prostatitis, but they have side effects. Antibiotics have very poor penetration of the prostatic capsule, so antibiotics don't have good effects on prostate infection, thus they can hardly cure prostatitis completely. So the symptoms of prostatitis repeatedly recur. And antibiotics can cause resistant bacteria when taken for two weeks or longer. Then the patients should take another type of antibiotics.
Herbal medicine don't have any side effects and don't cause resistance, so it can be taken until prostatitis is completely cured. And it can penetrate the prostatic capsule well, so it has excellent effects on prostatitis. Contact us for more information.                                    
Released in 2013-12-19