I have been suffering from urgent and frequent urnating‏

I have been suffering from urgent and frequent urnating, drips after urination, then tested above stuff in clinic, they said I have a candida infection then prescribed me cephalexin. I've finished the pills already but I'm still suffering. What do I do?

1 answers - 2013-05-14

Both women and men can suffer from candidiasis. The reason why it is so difficult to cure it is that after taking medicine, it tends to repeatedly recur, because antibiotics are often used to kill candida. However, if you take antibiotics for a long time, your body will resist the antibiotics. Therefore, antibiotics can not clear candida completely.
Herbal medicine does not have this disadvantage, for it can be used for a long time without resistance. Either men or women can use Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills for the pill can effectively cure candidiasis and the pill can relieve your symptom.                                    
Released in 2013-12-17