I have urgent need of urination‏

I recently have got a prostate fluid test done, no white blood cells any more but I still have symptoms. I have urgent need of urination and swollen left testicle.What do you suggest?

1 answers - 2013-06-07

Your testicle has got lesion caused by your prostatitis. From your symptoms, your prostatitis is not cured completely. There is no white blood cell, so commonly there is no infection in your prostate. It is likely that your bacterial prostatitis has turned into nonbacterial prostatitis, for the symptoms of prostatitis are still remained.
First, you have to make your condition confirmed clearly. You can have a testicular Color Doppler ultrasound test to see if there is any inflammation. Second, you can not take antibiotics any more, for nonbacterial prostatitis is not cause by bacteria. Instead, you can take herbal medicine pills, which can clear all kinds of prostatitis, orchitis and epididymitis effectively and completely.                                    
Released in 2013-12-17