How long should it take to feel better from Chronic bacterial prostatitis symptoms‏

I was diagnosed with Chronic bacterial prostatitis, i started to take antibiotic (levofloxacin). this is the day 14. since i started antibiotic . the symptoms didn't go away . when should i start to feel better.

1 answers - 2014-01-15

It is likely that levofloxacin has caused resistant bacteria, so it won't work on your symptoms. I suggest you have another antimicrobial susceptibility test to choose the right antibiotics. 
Since prostate capsule is difficult to be penetrated, antibiotics don't work well on it. If the antibiotics can't clear your symptoms, I recommend Chinese herbal medicine for you, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pills. It is made from materials from nature. It doesn't have side effects and it won't cause drug resistance, so it can be taken constantly until the bacteria are completely cleared.                                    
Released in 2014-01-16