i am suffer from over 10 ten years from chronic prostatitis , and now my prostate have many calcification and my urine stream is thin  and many problem
does your medicine dissolve these calicifation or not

1 answers - 2014-02-21

I am so glad to tell you that your 10 years chronic prostatitis is curable and the herbal pill named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is good at treating chronic diseases including chronic prostatitis. The thin urine stream, please do not worry about it too much, because this herbal pill also has the function of stranguria -relieving diuretic, so your thin urine stream can be solved too. You can find that the symptom relieve in first month treatment. As for the calcification, although this herbal pill has good effect on it, it works very lowly, so it is better for you to take this herbal pill after removing them via surgery. If you have more questions, please contact our online doctors freely or email to us.                                    
Released in 2014-03-20