after pushing out stool i get asubstantial amout of goop out of my penis--what causes this--doctor says no infection but i think he is wrong‏


1 answers - 2014-12-06

Hi! after reading your words carefully, I think I need to know more information about your condition. Generally speaking, it is normal to have goop out of your penis after pushing out stool. What's more, you also told me that the doctor says no infection. So I think you are healthy and have no diseases. 

But since you are worrying about it too much, I think there are some signs or tips can help you with this. In fact, if you affect any uro-genital Diseases, the goop out of your penis won't be the only one symptom you have. You may have the goop cloudy or with odor. You may also experience pain like burning or itch or other symptoms. So it really is hard to tell you what's happening to you based on the symptom you provide. If it is possible, please contact our online doctors via online chat software from 9am to 5.30 pm Beijing time zone, and Monday to Saturday, emails: wuhandrlee@hotmail.com, herbalistlee@yahoo.com, skype: wuhandrlee@hotmail.com or yahoo messengers: herbalistlee@yahoo.com.                                    
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