My male suffers acutely with hemorides has done for many years his family even mother‏

Bad migraine upset stomach constantly feeling pressure some times consterpated some times diarea cold sweeting dehydrated warm to hot sensation when unrinate 
Low sexual desire if any

1 answers - 2015-02-18

Based on the information you provide, I am a little confused by it. In your message, you told me that your male has acute hemorrhoids, stomach problem, diarrhea, urinate problem and low sexual desire. Are there other problems that I missed? 

Have you done any tests in hospital before and what are the results? It is hard to tell what kind of disease you have based on the symptoms you provided. I am a herbiest on reproductive and urinary disease, so the acute hemorrhoids, stomach problem, diarrhea isn’t in my area. I am so sorry about that. 

As for the urinate problem, it can be caused by lots of reasons like prostatitis, epididymitis, bladder problems and so on. If your urine problem is caused by prostatitis, it is curable for our herbal medicine and here is one article will tell you how this herbal medicine works on prostatitis. http://www.diureticspill.com/Medical_Use/Prostatitis/20130828/485.html. 

The low sexual desire can be a consequence mentally and physically. If you have prostatitis, the prostatitis can affect the function of your organs. What’s more, your mental also will tell you that your low sexual drive is caused by your condition. Therefore to solve the low sexual desire, you should cure your condition first. 

Do you have other questions? If you have, please feel free to contact me.                                    
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