Which medicine to take for chronic prostaitis‏

Which medicine to take for chronic prostaitis

1 answers - 2016-04-29

As for your symptoms, chronic prostatitis may also cause the discomfort feeling in anus, such as the straining feeling in anus or perineum, or if you have other anal problems like anal fissure, these reasons may all cause the symptoms in anus area. What's more, the burning and painful sensation with ejaculation is the common symptom in prostatitis, while you could try the traditional Chinese medicine like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pill, which is a natural drug with no side effects but good effect towards male reproductive diseases. Compared to the antibiotics, it won't make patients generate drug tolerance, especially a better choice for chronic patients. And after taking for one month, your symptom will relief and your condition will get a great improvement. Then, a next complete treatment will help you get rid of this disease.                                    
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