How to prevent the relapse of prostatitis?‏


1 answers - 2016-11-01

Here are 5 precautionary measures for preventing the relapse of prostatitis:

1.To control the diet structure and avoid excessive intake of acidic substances. The balance of acid-based diet has a great relationship for the prevention of frequent micturition.

2.No smoking and drinking: tobacco and alcohol are the typical acidic foods, uncontrolled drinking and smoking can easily lead to acidification.

3.Settled habits and inflexible routine: people who usually play mahjong, sing karaoke at night will increase the physical acidification. Virus is easy to invade , we should develop good habits, so as to maintain physique.

4.Do more outdoor sports, sweating can help you to eliminate excessive acid in the body, breathing fresh air will reduce the incidence of the probability, it improves people’s physical health greatly.

5.Keep a good mood: do not have too much psychological pressure, excessive pressure will lead to acid deposition and affect the normal metabolism. Proper regulation of mood and self stress can maintain alkaline physique, the frequency will get away from everyone.                                    
Released in 2016-11-01