where to buy diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill in india‏

Dr. Lee, I saw diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill recommended by someone at the website. I want to try your medicine, I heard and been reading is the best because I've tired of antibiotics here in india and not much of results seen. I'm suffering from chronic prostatitis, may I know should I take diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills? where to buy diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill in india? Thank you!

1 answers - 2016-11-17

Antibiotics are efficient for prostatitis that is caused by bacterial infection. Its efficacy will disappear if it develop resistance to drugs. Since chronic prostatitis usually lasts for months or years, it's not suitable to treat this infection by antibiotics for they will have impact organs like kidneys and liver. You can take diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill to cure chronic prostatitis since the herbs in this pill have multiple functions, such as clearing heat and toxins, improving the blood and Qi flow to relieve the prostate pain, inducing diuresis to relieve stranguria. You can buy this herbal pill by this link (where you need to choose your country): http://prostatitisradicalcure.com/a/About_us/2011/1012/690.html                                     
Released in 2016-11-19