Can a female get an infection when a man has prostatitis?‏

My husband was diagnosed with prostatitis last week. He said the infection can spread during sexual intercourse so we use condoms every time we have sex. Can a female get an infection when a man has prostatitis? 

1 answers - 2016-11-19

It depends on what kind of prostatitis your husband has. Clinically, among the majority of the cases, you cannot find pathogenic bacterium, in other words, the majorities are non-bacterial prostatitis, and is not contagious to females. Even if bacterial infection is found, it belongs to non-special non-bacterial prostatitis. The strong anti-bacteria ability of vagina can be care-free with cross-infection.
However, there is a small amount of prostatitis cases caused by trichomonad, syphilis, gonococci or mycoplasma, chlamydia, this type is clinically called specific prostatitis. As for these leading to infection, they are contagious in the early stage of the disease, so during sexual life, female may be infected with these bacteria, which in turn will result to specific vaginal inflammation. For the time being, prostatitis caused by these factors continues to increase, so men who are suffering from this kind of prostatitis should avoid having sex with their wives. If female is thought to have already been infected, both the couple should receive treatment simultaneously.

Released in 2016-11-22