the urethritis with chlamydia infection‏

i have the urethritis with chlamydia infection for 15 years. they make me suffer so much that i almost lose my heart in the treatment. advice me please

1 answers - 2010-12-06

Treatment with western medicine surely cannot cure chlamydia infection. In the concept of western medicine, chlamydia and mycoplasma infection is not to be cured. However, with traditional Chinese medidcine, your disease can absolutely cured. 
Your urethritis would also be caused by chlamydia infection. Chlamydia that infect your organs in your pelvic cavity would spread to organs or tissues nearby, so you need to cure the infection in the whole pelvic cavity, not only in one part. I suggest you to take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It is made from almost 50 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines that each of them have their unique function in curing chlamydia infection. By taking the pills for three months, chlamydia in your body can totally be killed and your test of chlamydia can be negative.                                    
Released in 2010-12-06