Can chronic prostatitis cause low sperm vitality?‏

I've been dianosed with chronic prostatitis for over 2 year. I heard that it will cause low sperm vitality. It this true? 

1 answers - 2016-12-31

Yes, it can cause low sperm vitality. The inflammation in prostate will  affect the prostate fluid, which is an important ingredient os semen. Thus, the sperm motility will be reduced. Low sperm motility is characterized by the reduced ability of sperm to move ahead. In general, sperm is distinguished by its progressive and non-progressive motility or altogether immotility. When sperm has low motility or is immotile, it can have negative impact on male fertility. To avoid the further damages to reproductive system, you need to take a proper treatment. Chronic prostatitis will last for years if not treated completely. Herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill . can effectively eliminate the inflammation and cure the disease from its root causes. The herbal formula has no side effect.                                     
Released in 2017-01-14