What makes herbal medicine different from other medicines?‏

I have chronic prostatitis and I've tried several different treatments. But they are ineffective on my condition. I want to try herbal medicine but I know little about it. 

1 answers - 2017-03-16

Herbal medicine is based on the scientific theory of TCM. This kind of medicine of made from natural herbs which has few side effects. Compared with conventional antibiotic treatment, it has no drug resistance and kidney damages. So patients can take a safe and continuous treatment. Herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill  is effective in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Since it’s a long-standing inflammation, the treatment will be longer than acute prostatitis. To have a full recovery, herbal medicine is better than antibiotics in treating a chronic disease since it won’t develop drug resistance during the treatment. And the herbs in the pill can exert powerful effects to relieve the pain by improving blood and Qi flow, and increase the urine flow by inducing diuresis, and wipe out the bacteria by clearing heat and toxins. The curative effect is good.       
Released in 2017-03-24