Chronic prostatitis pain, how to cure?‏

I have been suffering from chronic prostatitis for two years, the pain is mild in the genital area at first, my doctor suggests me to take painkiller pills to reduce this pain and I followed, at the first half year, painkiller pills can relax my pain easily and I felt eased for this time.Terrible things began in this year, the pain moves in my lower back area, I cannot sit for a long time and I cannot do exercise too frequently, the worst thing is that the pain makes me unable to sleep, 

Can this pain be relieved by other way?

1 answers - 2018-04-03

The root cause of your pain is your chronic prostatitis, you cannot get rid of this pain unless you cure your chronic prostatitis, stop taking painkiller pills, these pills will increase your risk of getting heart diseases. Our herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill specializes in treating chronic prostatitis and is able to eliminate pain in one month without any side effects.                                    
Released in 2018-04-03