Which is the most suitable exercise for prostatitis?‏

Hi, Dr

I am Alan, I used to like exercising so much that I feel so upset now because I am living with prostatitis, which means I cannot do too much exercise. 

Someone tells me that I can take some exercises like running and jogging but I am not sure so I come here to ask you. By the way, I am taking your herbal pills and feel much better now, there is not too much pain now, thank you for your help. 

1 answers - 2018-04-20

Hey, Alan

It has been nearly a month since you began to take our herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory PIll, right? It is great to hear that you are feeling better now. 

It is right that you can take several exercises to improve your symptoms but running is not in my recommend list, exercises you can do and functions of these exercises are as following:

. Walking

Rapid walking can pull the hip basin regularly, it makes prostate and organs around prostate get stretched, to play a role in accelerating blood circulation of prostatic area.


Jogging is the best form of prostate care. When someone jogging, the pelvic floor muscle of him get relaxed regularly and rhythmically, can make the blood of prostate and organs and tissues around it "alive" together.

. Swimming

For chronic prostatitis patients, swimming can relax the muscles around the prostate. Abdominal traction can promote systemic blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, at the same time, it can massage the prostate and its surrounding organs and accelerate the blood supply.

. Yoga

Yoga can play a good therapeutic effect on prostate diseases, in particular, it can relieve prostatitis caused by mental stress, such as chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, asymptomatic prostatitis.

You can email me direcly next time if you have any problem. 

Good Luck!                                    
Released in 2018-04-20