What are home remedies for prostatitis‏

Hey, Dr.  

I am undergoing a chronic nonbacterial prostatitis , it has been three years. A long time, isn't it?

I have not noticed I am suffering from a disease until the pain in my genital area made me difficult to fall asleep, and I had to go the hospital, was told to be getting chronic prostatitis. 

I have taken many kinds of antibiotic medicines, they cannot help me and they make me feel sick. I found your pill on the Internet and read successful stories in your website, but I still need to know some home remedies as assist therapies. Please tell me. Thank you.

1 answers - 2018-05-09

Ok, thank you for your consultation, It is not wise for you or your urologoist perscribe antibiotic medicines while you are getting a chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. And you need to know that taking home remedies does not mean take no medical treatment. 

Home remedies like diet therapy and warm sitting bath and yoga can help you improve your symptoms, especiallly diert therapy, as a closed month catches no flies, you should know which food you can eat and which you cannot. 

Besides, our herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure chornic nonbacterial prostatitis, you need to take an accurate treatment for your disease, and do not leave it untreated anymore, or it will do damage to your whole urorlogy and reproductive system.                                    
Released in 2018-05-10