What are natural remedies for prostate infection?‏

Hey, Dr.Lee

I am from the US, 38 years old this year, work in a bank. I t may be the long time sitting or other reasons that I just found suffering from prostatitis two years ago. There is just pain in my genital and pelvic area at first, but now this pain has been present in my abdominal are and my stomach. 

My urologist prescribed me to take levofloxacin and doxycycline and other pills, I can feel their effects but these effects will not last too long so that my symptoms keep coming and go, I even have not married someone, and I afraid that my disease will cause infertility to me. Besides, these antibiotic pills make me feel so sick, I just want to have some natural and effective therapy now, does your herbal pill belong to a natural one? And what are natural remedies for prostate infection? 

1 answers - 2018-05-28

Hey, man 

Sorry for your suffering and I know how you feel, hope I can help you with your disease. 

It is not right for you to sit for a whole day, this will make pressure to your prostate gland and make your symptoms wrose, you need to take a walk every single hour, this is good for your symptoms. And then you need to know whether your prostatitis is a bacterial or nonbacterial one, this is important because this will depend whether antibiotic medicines will help or not. 

As you have felt to antibiotic medicines, it may be very necessary for you to change your treatment, and our herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill does belong a natural remedy, it is made of herbs taken from nature and will not produce any side effect to patients. 

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