Hi I have hematospermia(blood in semen) or Prostatitis ED pain in pelvic area and was wondering if the Tcm pill will work for me? My email address is casshe74@g‏

Also if so is there a way to express the shipping to the United States 

1 answers - 2020-03-05

Hi, thank you for your consultation. Would you mind telling me whether you have a check recently or not, if you have done, you can send your examination report to"wuhandrli@gmail.com",  "wuhandrlee@hotmail.com", or "herbalistlee@yahoo.com" so that we can know more detailed information about your symptoms. 
Ed and pain in pelvic area are the symptom of prostatitis, Our  herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can elimiante your symptoms and treat hematospermia and prostatitis. 
And, we can send the pills to the United States.                                     
Released in 2020-05-28