need help to treat nonbacterial prostatitis‏‏

About for years ago i was prescribed from a family doctor to use xanax which is a drug to deal with sleepness and anxiety. during my take of this drug and whenever having sex i was unable to ejaculate during sexual intercourse. sex used to last for so many hours before i ejaculate and always have pain in testicles and pelvic pain. this issue continued for a while for almost three months. sometimes i dont ejaculate and feel so much pain . but upon waking up everything is fine . suddenly my doctor put me off this terrible drug. after that i was still having same thing going on during sexual intercourse but gradually reduced and i became normal. normal in the ejaculation but the pain started and didnt go not even for a minute .
pain included burning sensation upon urination
pelvic pain
lower back pain 
testical pain.
perinium pain when sitting 
hot burning sensations in genitals
i was refered to a urologist which gave me doses of antibitotics to cure the pain after detecting chyladia in a blood test. i was given docycycline for a period of 30 days. afer i have finished using the drug the pain still lasted. i decided to check out another urologist which performed a rectal exam to take fluid and test them . everything came out negative but still prescribed me ofloxacin for another month. the antibiotics made me so weak and tired but did not relive the pain . even antiinflamotary drugs were prescribed with no result in improvement. i went to other more urologist and they diagnised with with cpps chronic prostatitis and pelvic pain syndrome. i even checked all my nerves with a test called emg everything was positive. i have been dealing with this pain for almost 4 years now with good and bad days of pain . but of course bad days more than the good ones. my sex life is okay. no problems with erection and sex drive. my wife is pregnant also . but the pain is still there. i have lost hope actually since all doctors belive its very hard to treat and the cause may not be bacterial, it might be bladder issues, or pelvic inflamation.

i came across your website and actually i dont know to what extent the sure rate is . i have read the method of treatment which sound logic. 

i would like to be explaned further more about 
the drugs to be taken, 
the method,
  prices of the drugs, 
duration time of treatment and 
what guarantee given to a patient.
best regards

1 answers - 2010-06-08

Hi, my friend,
I am really very sorry about your sufferings. To your questions, here are the answers:
1.The medicine that can definitely cure your disease is called "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" which is national patented and its application number is 2009101578794.4.. As a Chinese patent medicine, its peculiar effect and efficacy had been confirmed through clinical observation. 
2. As long as you take the treatment for 1 month with strict diet control, your symptoms will be decreased. After 3 months of medication, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma and Chlamydia  will be turned negative and prostate returned to normal. With about 4 months, semen will be returned to normal. Take this medicine by fifty grams a day; take it twice or three times a day about half an hour after meals.
 3.Dietary restriction and important notice:
1)During the medication, the patients shall not drink wine or eat pepper, chicken, fish, beef, shrimp, seafood, pickled vegetables, and the patient's bad diet control will extend the treatment time.
2)Personal hygiene should be concerned. 
3)The patient should not sit down, stand, ride a bike, hold back urine, or intercourse for a long time. (These actions is one important cause of prostatitis, so regulation of these actions should be made. There are many people such as cook, barber, Security Guard, office staff and so on who are prone to occupational diseases.)
4.We have rules about guarantee given to patients. Actually, we have different rules according to the different two situations:
1)   We only sign a treatment protocol with the patient who comes to our clinic in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. And our agreement will be notarized by the State. During the treatment of 3-4 months, the patient has to stay in Wuhan in order to receive Dr. Lee's guidance and strictly control the diet. We can guarantee you will be cured, if not, we will offer you a refund. In fact, according to clinical studies, once the patient takes our medicine for one month, the symptoms will be alleviated. That's to say, it takes one month for you to learn the fantastic effect of our medicine. And as long as the patient continues his treatment with our medicine-"Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill", he will be cured. And our medicine is capable of curing 100% of the patients. 
2)   If the patient doesn't come to our clinic, we won't sign a treatment protocol with him or her. That's to say, no agreement for long-distance treatment. We have reasons for this. Firstly, if the patient doesn't control his or her diet well and pay special attention to personal hygiene, the curative effect will be greatly affected. Secondly, there is false positive in medical situations. And many tests are needed under the guidance of the doctor. It takes a period of time to make Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma and Chlamydia turn negtive. Therefore, consolidation treatment for another one month is necessary.
5.The price of the medicine is 500 dollars per month (not including mails fee).
I hope my above explain could be clear and helpful to you. Welcome more questions from you. 
Best wishes,
Doc. Lee                                    
Released in 2010-06-08