what is the evolution of nonbacterial prostatitis‏

Hello doctor, I already have about 10 days I RE-STARTED taking medicines (pills+yellow herbs) I feel more prick, burning, and pressure in the urinary conduct between testicules and ass especially when sitting I can't bear sitting for more than 15 mts..., I need just you confirmation  this is the effect of medicines , I know I suffered long time from the disease I need just your confirmation what is the evolution (feeling of people you treated ...for example after 10 days ...15 days ...1 month 2 months etc.... as your experience.

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Please do not worry about the disease. There are two factors causing you feel more prick, burning, and pressure. First you only took the medicines for ten days, and the efficacy they brought was not strong enough to fight against the disease. Second, recently, you worked (sitting for too long time) so hard and this negatively affected your disease, thereby making your condition more serious. So Mr. Samir SALHI, I hope you could have enough rest for the sake of your disease. 

You know in Traditional Chinese medicine, one month is a course of treatment. So do not be too anxious about the treatment. 
Generally speaking, once the patients with nonbacterial prostatitis take the medicine for one month, the symptoms they have are greatly eased. You can feel it. 

Two months later, the symptoms will be further eased.
Three months later, the symptoms will be completely eliminated. 
Usually, the serious patients have to take consolidation treatment for another one month to radically heal the disease. 

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