How can bacteria cause prostatitis? My uncle has been diagnosed for prostatitis‏

My uncle has been diagnosed for prostatitis It is caused by bacteria. Last week he had fever with chills. He started to vomit but most of the time he felt nauseated. Later his urination became painful and he had fever. After diagnosis he was confirmed for prostatitis How can bacteria cause prostatitis?

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Bacteria found in the large intestine can lead to prostate infection. If the bacteria are left untreated, they will begin to spread and find their way to the prostate through a passage called the prostatic ducts. A patient will begin to feel chills, body aches and pain while urinating. 

Unclean sexual life or unprotected intercourse could possibly cause urethritis. The pathogenic micro-organisms of urethritis are mainly bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, and chlamydia etc.. If urethritis is not timely cured, the prostate gland would be infected by the pathogen, which could possibly cause bacterial prostatitis.
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