My roommate was treated for the acute bacterial prostatitis.‏

Hello Doctor Lee,
What are the causes for the occurrence of the disease? Is there a chance that it may be one of the Sexually Transmited Disease?

1 answers - 2010-09-03

Acute prostatitis is most commonly caused by urinary tract infection which is not timely cured. 

The diseased urinary tract may possibly infect the prostate gland, causing acute prostatitis. 

The acute prostatitis may also caused by acute infections of skin, tonsils, dental caries, intestinal tract or respiratory tract. The bacteria can reach the prostate gland via blood, causing inflammation of the prostate gland. One such cause of acute prostatitis is catheterization. Heterosexual or homosexual anal sex can also lead to acute prostatitis. 

It may be one of the Sexually Transmited Disease. 

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