My uncle has been diagnosed for the chronic prostatis.‏

What is cause for this disease and he is also complaining severe pain in the pelvic region. Is this pain related to the chronic prostatis?

1 answers - 2010-09-04

Yes, this pain is related to the chronic prostatis and it is caused by the illness. 
I’m very glad to hear from you. And I hope I could help you out. 
Western medicine can hardly radically heal Chronic prostatitis, because long time dosage of Western medicine will produce resistance and tolerance to drugs; and this makes Chronic prostatitis very easy to recur.

Actually, I specialize in male reproductive and urinary system diseases and I’m good at treating Chlamydial prostatitis. Therefore, I’m sure my treatment can help your uncle. And your uncle doesn’t have to visit China, because we can send our specific Chinese patent medicine--"Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" which is an effective herbal medicine to treat Chronic prostatitis, to your uncle. 

According to my experience, once the patients with Chlamydial prostatitis take the medicine for one month, the symptoms they have will be greatly eased. You can feel it. 
Two months later, the symptoms will be further eased.
Three months later, the symptoms will be completely eliminated and Chlamydia will turn negative. 
Usually, the serious patients have to take consolidation treatment for another one month to radically heal the disease. 

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