How to cure prostatitis‏


1 answers - 2010-07-05

As a specialist in curing prostatitis, I have 17 years of clinical experience. My medicine is traditional Chinese prescription that has been proved to cure prostatitis. 
You have to tell me your symptoms in details such as pain, burning sensation, pressure, urinary frequency and etc. And then I would send you my medicine according to your disease and condition.

Traditional Chinese medicine is derived from natural plants and herbs essences, which is just like the vegetables we eat in our daily life. It has modulating effect with nutrition and absolutely no side effects and drug resistance. The western medicines that you often take are chemicals. They will develop resistance, so it's difficult to eradicate chronic diseases. After one month of treatment, the symptoms will be reduced. Once you have your personal understandings of the effects and adhere to another 3 months meditation, you will get a normal clinical test from your doctor. Believing in our Chinese medicine is the only hope in the case of western medicine's incompetent. That to release you from your lifetime pain and erase disease hazards on your body will be the only result we want to see both in common.

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