What happens with calcification of the prostate?‏

My prostate has heavy calcification. 
What happens with calcification of the prostate?
Please help.

1 answers - 2010-09-11

Prostate calcification (fibrosis) is the result of the prostate inflammation,which is also the sign of stone. And the "prostate stone" is often accompanied with the "chronic prostatitis",which can be seen through the B ultrasonic equipment. With the special prostate configuration , it's commonly hard to deal with the "prostate stone". It is easy to grow bacillus on the calcification or stones, which is the reason for prostatitis recrudescence,and the patients need to pay attention to it. The prostate cyst often happens to the adults,which often causes the urination block,defecation block, the epididymitis and orchitis. 

Chinese medicines regard the causes of prostate stone, prostate calcification and prostate are the same which is relevant to the prostatitis,namely the blood stasis and lower burner damp-heat. The pills formulated by Dr. Lee can cure the diseases. 

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