How do we prevent Infertility?‏

My friend has been diagnosed for Infertility. He is going for the treatment of it and the doctor also says that, he will be treated. It is good to hear it. But I want to know that how do we prevent it?

1 answers - 2010-09-13

Here are five keys steps you must know in how to prevent infertility in men.

Have safe sex: Some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause scarring and block the sperm passage. Men should practice “safe sex” by staying in a monogamous relationship, wearing condoms or practicing abstinence.
Avoid drugs and alcohol: Smoking marijuana or using any recreational drug or alcohol has an effect on sperm count and motility and is linked to male infertility. Stopping drug and heavy alcohol use is important in preventing infertility.
Be aware of everyday exposure: Has your partner asked you how to prevent infertility in men? If so, here’s how: Suggest that he avoid exposure to certain environmental toxins. That’s because exposure to pesticides and other chemicals may cause female hormone-like effects in men, which can decrease sperm count. Lead-based paints, mercury, boron, or other poisonous substances may also decrease sperm production.
Monitor exercise and diet: More tips in how to prevent infertility in men include eating a well-balanced diet and taking a multivitamin so the “future father” gets plenty of nutritional support. 
Control stress: The last key in how to prevent infertility in men is to control stress. If your partner is stressed out, it can affect his sperm count. Meditation, yoga or behavioral therapy may help him respond to stress in a healthier way.
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