I m sufering with Necrospermia‏

I m sufering with the same deases , what is the answer to this. 

My medical history: Sperm count initially was between 120 - 80 millions but now is about 45 millions (but all dead) , anti sperm anti bodies are there i.e. titere # 4. taken prednislone for a prolong period no improvement at all, rather effected my sexual performance and decreased the count considerably. 
previous diagnosis and result: you can suggest the examination u want to see . i will get the fresh result and post to u.
 i am in ethopia now a days. waiting for your reploy.

1 answers - 2010-09-17

According to your description,I have a basic understanding of your illness.You need to do routine examination of prostate. If your necrospermia is really caused by cystospermitis, our traditional Chinese medicine can help you. It have magical effect of curing it. 

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