would prostatitis spread to other organs?‏

I have a prostatitis for a while, taken antibiotics but it seems to be of no use. Would the disease spread to other organs such as the testis?

1 answers - 2011-03-25

It is possible for the inflammation in prostate spread to organs neayby. 
Chronic vesiculitis, epididymitis,urethritis and cystitis are all complications of prostatitis. Chronic vesiculitis is the most common complication of prostatitis, they often exist at the same time and the treatment can be difficult. If you have a prostatitis and vesiculitis, the inflammation is quite possible to spread to the epididymis and causes a epididymitis. Obvious urinary tract irritation is the symptoms of urethritis caused by prostatitis.
It can even cause arthritis, myositis, iritis and neuritis.                                    
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