What are the exams for Prostatitis?‏

What are the exams for Prostatitis? I know of like the DRE, urine, semen and blood. Are those just it? Also, do they have to do the DRE or can they just check like your blood, urine, etc? Because I don't feel comfortable with the DRE.

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For Prostatitis the DRE is the main test performed. This test is usually done in conjunction with a blood test (PSA) in order to determine whether or not the prostatitis is related to prostate cancer.

Other tests include:

1. Routine prostate examination: 

Under microscope, there are more than ten white blood cells in prostatic fluid, and lecithin corpuscle is reduced and it is diagnosed as prostatitis. If the bacterial culture of prostatic fluid is postive, it would be diagnosed as chronic bacterial prostatitis. While the negtive one is the chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. 

2. Inspection of prostate with B-model ultrasound scanning: 

It would suggest prostatatitis if the dividing lines of the prostate tissues are not clear and disorganized. 

3. Urine microscopic exam and bacterial culture: 

A mass of red blood cells and acervate pus cells are found under urine microscopic exam. Of the three cups, white blood cell is found in the first cup of urine under the exam. Urine in the second cup is clear, without white blood cells. Urine in the third cup is cloudy, with large number of white blood cells and pus cells. 
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