Can we prevent prostatitis?‏

My friend has been diagnosed for prostatitis. He was facing difficulty in urinating and it was painful. It increases his already existing back pain. I need to remain out of this problem. Can we prevent prostatitis?

1 answers - 2010-09-24

A few simple steps can help reduce your risk of developing prostatitis.


1.Practice good hygiene. Wash your penis regularly and well and make sure to rinse off all soap when you are finished.

2.Stay hydrated. Regular urination will keep your urethra clear and any bothersome bacteria to a minimum. Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. If this is not enough to cause regular urination, increase your intake.

3.Do not hold your urine too long. Once you sense the urge to urinate, if at all possible find a restroom and relieve the urge. Holding urine too long can harbor bacteria and irritate your urinary tract.

4.Avoid catheters. These will irritate the urinary tract and increase the exposure of the area to outside bacteria. If you are bedridden or hospitalized, try to use a bedpan if at all possible.

5.Use a condom whenever you have sex unless you are in a long-term monogamous relationship and your partner has been tested for STDs. Acquiring an STD increases your risk of prostatitis.

6.Take care when riding a bicycle or horse. Injury from these activities can lead to prostatitis.

7.Remain alert for early signs of a urinary tract infection. Early treatment of urinary tract infections can prevent these infections from leading to prostatitis.

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