what is the cause of prostaititis?‏


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Hi. Here is the answer.
Causes result in prostatitis:

1) Causes are Excessive sexual life, discontinued sexual intercourse under duress, masturbation and so on. Riding bike, longtime standing, longtime sitting and otherwise will lead to the obstruction of qi and blood in the prostate gland, which will result in hyperaemia, edema, hypertrophy and hyperplasia of the prostate gland. All these can cause nonbacterial prostatitis. Chinese patent medicine “Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill” can promote blood circulation by removing stasis, soften hard lumps and dispel nodes, prevent tissues of prostate gland from hyperplasia, fibration, and calcification, reduce the swelling and alleviate the pain, then diminish the pathological changes of prostate gland and cure the prostatitis.

2) Microorganism infection: Various microorganisms mean bacteria, protozoans, mucedines, viruses, pathogens, mycoplasmas, chlamydiae and so on. They infect urinary tract first, then lead to urethritis. Germs can also intrude into patients’ bodies through hematogenous infection. 
Lymphatic infection: The inflammation of the lower urinary tract, colon and rectum can infect prostate gland through the lymph. Or germs in the urinary tract can induce prostatitis directly. In the prescription of Chinese patent medicine “Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill”, we use antidotal heat-clearing ingredients to kill various bacteria, viruses, pathogens, mycoplasmas and chlamydiae which are negative, removing the primary lesion to cure bacterial prostatitis.

3) Damp-heat in lower-JIAO: Nonbacterial prostatitis is the prostatitis without infection of germs. But nonbacterial prostatitis patients’ symptoms like yellow furred tongue, dark yellow urine, calorescence and otherwise are thought to be the symptoms of Damp-heat in lower-JIAO. The antidotal heat-clearing ingredients in “Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill” can clear away the damp-heat in lower-JIAO and then cure nonbacterial prostatitis.

4) Stimulation of urine: There are many kinds of acidic and alkalescent chemical substances in the urine. Patients have endocrine dyscrasia related to their partial nerves, which will result in hypertonia in the posterior urethra. When vents of prostatid ducts have been injured, irritant chemical substances like uric acid and or whatever will reflux into the prostate gland, inducing chronic prostatitis. Chinese patent medicine “Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill” contains Chinese herbal ingredients of inducing diuresis. Consequently, these ingredients will diminish the urethral stimulation and cure prostatis afterwards.

5)Anxiety, depression, scare can induce nonbacterial prostatitis, so patients who have contracted nonbacterial prostatitis will have overstrung symptoms such as anxiety, depression, scare, despondence and so on. Depression do harm to people’s livers in the views of traditional Chinese medical science. As liver-Qi is obstructed, patients will feel anxious, depressed and scared. For these feelings impact on the prostate gland, patients will have pain in their testis, groin and inferior belly and have feelings of swelling and tenesmus in their perineum. All these organs are liver channels in terms of traditional Chinese medical science. There are ingredients which promote blood circulation by removing stasis and promote the circulation of qi in this traditional Chinese medicine “Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill”. As a consequence, those ingredients can disperse the depressed liver-energy, promote the circulation of qi and relieve depressed emotion. In other words, this medicine cures prostatitis with an efficacy of relieving depression.

6) Autoimmune factors: Chronic prostatitis has something to do with autoimmune factors. Owing to innate or acquired immunodeficiency, patients contracted chronic prostatitis is always produce antibodies of antiprostate in their bodies, which can induce tissue damages of their prostates. With the confirmation of the inspection, patients who have no infection of bacterium, virus or mycoplasma can think about the existence of autoimmune factors. Clinical researches proved that anaphylaxis to viruses also induce inflammations. Especially for some patients with bad immunity, the anaphylaxis to viruses can induce chronic prostatitis for those patients have hypersensitivity to viruses.                                    
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