Help with my prostatitis back pain‏

Hey, Dr. Lee

I am from Seattle, and I have suffered from chronic prostatitis for five years without a cure, my prostatitis caused back pain to me and I do not know how to relieve it. 

Can your herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill help with my prostatitis and my back pain?

1 answers - 2018-04-12


How about your back pain today? prostatitis is a particular condition that exclusively causes back pain in men. Your pain can be and yor chronic prostatitis can be eliminated by our herbal medicien Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory, this is for the pill has the ability in reducing pain and repairing damaged prostate position, besides, the pill can help your prostate gland rebuid immune system so that your chronic prostatitis will not recur.

You can take body massage as an assist therapy.                                    
Released in 2018-04-12