I have had cp for 20 yrs. I have had injections in the first 5 yr as well as oral antibiotics with no help. I avoid sit have ED as well 53 yrs can this help g‏

Have to get up once at night.  Have weak stream. ED. Pain in perineum, worse after intercourse. married for 30 year 6'0 195lbs. Had prostate injections PSA 1.9 negative biopsy

1 answers - 2019-11-13

Don't worry, your condition is curable as your symptoms are concluded as: weak stream, ED, and pain in perineum. Since injection therapy and oral antibiotics did not work for you, I would suggest you to consider natural treatment of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It works to eliminate inflammation on the prostate, promote blood circulation and detoxification, unblock blood stasis and clear heat. So your symptoms will go away after the treatment. Besides, it improves immunity and won't produce side effects. Hope this answer helps. Best Regards                                    
Released in 2019-11-14