Urinary tract infection antibiotics not working

I once had pain when urinating and after Urinalysis  test my doctor said that I have a Uti and he gave me antibiotics which dint work.

Several tests have been carried out but my urine is still showing infection after several attempts of treatment. 
My abdomen right hand side very painful and tired. I agree I exhausted sex.

Help me pliz

1 answers - 2018-05-25

Thank you for your consultation. 

Have you ever done any other examinations except urinalysis test? If you did have, pls send your report to "wuhandrlee@hotmail.com" so that Dr.Lee can analyze your condition directly and thoroughly. If you did not, you can do a detailed one to see whether there are any other infected area in your body. Besides, Diuretic and Anti0inflammatory Pill do have effects to Urinary Tract Infection. 

Look forward your reply, good luck!                                    
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