How much is a complete treatment for prostatitis?

How much is a complete treatment for prostatitis?

1 answers - 2013-11-06

The course of a complete treatment depends on your condition. This medicine costs $500 per month. Short-term prostatitis can be cured within three months treatment.  Having infected with prostatitis for more than 10 years needs to be treated for a long time. The treatment will last for about half a year.

As a kind of TCM, it’s made from more than 50 kinds of natural herbs. There are expensive ones and also cheap ones. The herbs used in one month treatment can be a big amount, so the cost is not very low. Besides, the lack of rare herbs is also a reason why this medicine costs much. If you buy these ingredients in your country, it may be more expensive, and many didn't sell in your country. Many patients asked to buy some herbs like plantain seed, polygonum aviculare, fringed pink in their local pharmacy, but there didn't sell them.  

In addition, it has many advantages in treating prostatitis. Compared to antibiotics, it won’t develop side effects on male patients. Some commonly-used antibiotics like erythromycin is toxic to the testicles and even sometimes permanently damage cells that produce sperm. Apart from that, some medications may act to decrease male sexual interest in intercourse, or libido. And some other medications may interfere with the ability of a man to get an erection or ejaculate. What’s more, the antibiotic tetracycline can block fertilization. And antibiotics also has a decreased curative effect due to the drug resistance and tolerance. Herbal medicine can provide good effects and stable quality, which can cure disease until a radical cure, and won't cause any bad effects on male fertility or other diseases.

Compared to other herbal medicines, it not only has effects on bacterial infection, but also eliminate inflammation, and change tissue milium, inhibit the growth of bacteria, enhance the immunity and improve the self-healing ability. It’s efficient on both bacterial prostatitis and nonbacterial prostatitis. The infection can be cured without relapse.
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